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Meet the Club Masters
Barry Henig

Whether you're a beginning golfer or a touring pro, there is one man in North Palm Beach who can improve your game. In fact, he is so adept at this craft, working with golfers all over the world to make them better, that he is generally referred to as the "Golf Doctor". What does this miracle man do? give lessons, impart strategy and course wisdom, improve the golfers physical conditioning? Actually, he CAN do all of those things, but the art he gets PAID for is the custom fitting of golf clubs to each persons specific measurements and needs. And he has been doing it long enough and well enough that he can guarantee, without fear of failure, that he can make you a better golfer by improving your "tools".

"It just makes sense that because no two golfers are the same, you're not going to be able to buy a set of clubs that is the right fit "off the rack", said Barry Henig, owner of Club Masters, Inc., and a Class A member of the Professional Club Makers Society and one out of 40 Certified Master Club Makers in the world. "Not one pro on Tour plays with clubs that are not customized to fit his or her game and body characteristics. It just doesn't work any other way for them. So why is your game different? You may not be shooting sub par rounds under pressure, but you want your game to be at its best. It won't be until your clubs fit you. It's just that simple!"

Barry, who is also the winner of the 1998 Club Maker of the Year Award uses only the finest shafts and club heads to create clubs that are perfect for the individual in every way. When you enter Club Masters, his first step is just to talk to you, to find out what kind of golfer you are, what you are trying to achieve and any problems that are unique to your game. Then, on his state of the art Swing Analyzer, he can analyze your swing as you hit balls to learn exactly what shaft stiffness, angles and other factors should be considered to build YOUR clubs, made for YOU alone. This process takes only about 45 minutes, and includes advice and commentary on your swing, as well as various words of wisdom Barry has picked up through his years of experience. Remember, this is the "Golf Doctor" you're talking to!

According to Barry, the variations in store bought clubs, even within the same set, are often extreme.

"I've had people bring in brand new, famous name club sets and ask me to look at them," he noted. "I can test them for shaft stiffness and frequency. I have literally found shafts running from stiff men's to regular women's, all in the same set! No wonder this poor guy couldn't hit the ball consistently!"

"For a player like this, we can re-shaft that set of clubs, keeping the same club heads, so that the player now has set that has uniform shaft stiffness in every club or build a complete new set using our state of the art heads. It's that uniform in stiffness which is really the key to lowering handicap. We can take that set, and within certain parameters, adjust the lie angle and other factors which will work better for him or her."

After your initial session with Barry at Club Masters located on 750 North Lake Blvd. in Lake Park, Florida, you will receive your new custom set within 5 to 10 days. You can then start attacking golf courses, and not just move the ball around them.

Club Masters is sought out by a number of top golfers on the Tour, as well as being the primary club repair source for many prestigious country clubs in the Palm Beach and South Florida areas.

Jay Henig

Jay brings a unique prospective to the business as a previous entrepreneur and owner of several retail stores. He has an understanding of the sales process and the relationships to customers with a commitment to overall satisfaction to anyone walking in the door. Jay has participated in the business since 1994, helping out in whatever needed to be done. This was a great learning experience. Since 2009, Jay is full-time at ClubMasters working beside his father, Barry and Jack; obtaining a world of experience from his two mentors.

Jack Wullkotte

Jack Wullkotte (Hall Of Fame Clubmaker) has been in the golf business since 1940 when he started as a caddy. In 1947 Jack started at the MacGregor Co. building golf clubs. Through the years Jack has worked on clubs for Ben Hogan, Byran Nelson, Greg Norman, Curtis Strange, Nick Faldo, Bob Toski, Louise Suggs and countless others. Jack, was then hired in 1974 to be Jack Nicklaus's personal clubmaker and did so for 37 years. In 2011, Jack joined forces with Club Masters after retiring from the Nicklaus company. Jack is a member of the Palm Beach County Golf Assoc. Hall of Fame, The Professional Clubmakers Hall of Fame and the Palm Beach County Sports Hall of Fame.