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Amhad Rashad - Former NFL All-Pro & 3 Handicapper - "My Three Favorite Places"

Home would be the first, the golf course would be the second and here with Barry...would be the third. You know, you can get everything right but if your clubs arn't right, you still have problems. When I leave here with my clubs, I know that everything is perfect. It can't be the clubs, it's got to be me. I would suggest that if you need to get your clubs right, this is the place you need to go. THERE IS NOT BETTER PLACE THAN RIGHT HERE. Plus it's fun just to kind of hang out and play with all the stuff in here. It's like a big toy store.

Dear Barry,

FINALLY! At last a professional sales guy that isn't all baloney, and actually delivers what he promises. You said my new CLUBMASTERS custom irons would improve my game. You never said how simply said I'd play "better" with a lot more "pop" and control. And you were right!! Especially now that I'm using graphite shafts for the first time.

"Better" and "Pop" in my case has almost consistently meant hitting my new irons longer and straighter-a seven iron for example, instead of a six or a five! Not only am I playing better, but I'm also lying less so my partners also deeply tip their hat!! Thanks so much.

Ned Gardner

Dear Barry,

Well it has been about 6 months since you made my new irons and woods, and I wanted to send you a note to tell you that they have totally surpassed my expectations! I find it amazing how similar the swing feel weather I'm using a 3 iron or a 7 iron. The fairway woods are a dream; producing great trajectories and a slight draw, even out of the longer grass. And then the driver, I have gained about 40 YARDS of distance on most of my shots, with some longer. The shaft you put in the woods is just flat out fabulous. It feels great, with a wonderful lag feel, and it just hammers the ball. I really like the ALPHA heads too. The compression sound of a good swing is really sweet. I have had several ask to see my driver after a good swing.

There is no doubt these clubs have improved my game a lot, and i just enjoy the heck out of using them. I could go on and on, but I think you guys get the idea. You did an incredibly skilled job of picking the right combination of new technology, and fitting it to me. Many thanks; you guys are truly masters of your profession.

Reginald Jess

Dear Barry,

When I came into your shop in N. Palm Beach looking for a new 3-metal, I had no idea of your expertise or that I would leave there ordering a new set of frequency matched shafts for my irons. In retrospect, I can only be thankful for both. Your explanation and demonstration of the inconsistencies in the shafts supplied by manufacturers was eye-opening. More importantly, since receiving my re-shafted irons I am happy to tell you that even in the cool spring morning temperatures here in NJ, I am getting an additional 5-10 yards of carry on every club and, there is far less variance in my direction. Short of turning the clock back 20 years, I could not ask for a better result.

Thank you for helping me to understand the importance of how your expertise could help my game. See you soon for my driver and other fairway woods to be re-shafted. Best wishes.

Frank C. Cosentino


I am so pleased with the feel and performance of the shafts you put in last week that I wanted to drop you this note. I am far from a professional and did not realize the importance to the "feel" and response of the shafts of a golf club.

I do recognize the difference between a stiff and regular flex, I did not recognize the difference between a "balanced " shaft from club master as compared to the same flex of my six year old shafts that had been on the same heads prior to your change out.

Rest assured, any club work done for me in the future will be done in your shop.

Bruce Bentley

Dear Barry and Jay,

Sorry that this has been so long forth coming. I want to thank you for your skill in fitting my husband and I for our new club's. They are so perfect for me and my game has improved and does so each time that I play. Your personality and friendliness made the experience a great one. As you know we were a bit hesitant to invest in new clubs but it was a very good decision for Earl and I both. It is nice to have clubs that are a constant weight and there for hit the same every time. Thank you so much. You also have a great son that is an asset to your business. Lucky you. Hope all is well with you, Jay and Jack. You are all super...

Joan Holsinger

Barry, Jay and Jack,

I played due process with the new clubs yesterday. I shot a terrible round, but the clubs are amazing. Only problem is they add about 10-15 yards to every shot. I now hit my wedge 125, hit my 7 iron 165, etc. so I need to go recalibrate.

The other issue is I am going to have to buy some loft wedges because the pitching wedge is too much distance. Maybe I can get a tuning meeting with barry in November and order a loft wedge.Good fun though. Changes the game when you can hit a wedge 125+.

Loyal Customer

Hi Guys,

Just a note to thank you for the evaluation of my golf swing and the golf clubs you built for me.

The driver has added ten or more yards to my drive, but more importantly, your adjustments have put most of my drives in the fairway. The irons are very consistent, both in distance as well as direction. The lob wedge and the Awedge are slowly getting more useful.

I now have played fourteen (14) rounds with these clubs and all but one of my scores were under 90. Last Friday I had a personal best 38 on the front nine at Abacoa, 19 shots plus 19 putts. Thanks again!!!

Steve Barnes - The Keys Company

Dear Club Masters,

I just want to say thanks to Barry and the gang at Club Masters. I had just bought the forged C1 Alpha Iron heads and had Master Clubmaker Jack Wullkotte assemble them on my Areo-Tech Steel Fiber Shafts. These are the same shafts that Matt Kuchar is using.The workmanship that Mr. Wullkotte had done on these irons was fantastic. That's the reason why Club Masters is Number 1 in Florida!

Thanks Barry and Gang

Jon Nickawal

Thanks for great work!

Barry, for years I have been using stock clubs. As my handicap went up, I attributed it to age!

Wrong, I was very inconsistent both with distance control and dispersion of my shots. I brought my clubs in and found that even though the shafts said regular they ranged from ladies flex to stiff. Lie angles were all over the place too.

So I dropped them off and you re-shafted all my clubs. Low and behold, set up was now easy with no club manipulation, the distance control improved markedly and all the clubs kick point felt the same. Guess what; my scores improved. I played 4 times with them now, I went from shooting in the high 80's to the high 70's. I haven't had two rounds in the 70's back to back in years!

Wow I would recommend you to everyone! Thanks for making golf fun again!

Larry Goetz

Dear Barry and Jack,

Master Club maker Jack Wullkotte of Club Masters is exceptional and the best in the field. I had been playing golf for numerous years before being involved in a serious car accident and having had back surgery. I wasn't able to play to my previous level.

Fortunately for me, Jack fitted me for a new set of clubs. I am now shooting in the seventies and even shot a 72, my best round ever. Thanks to Jack, my love of golf has been renewed.

Carolyn Chaplik

I just played a round of golf with my new custom clubs and it was easily one of my best hitting irons rounds of my life... and it was the first time I ever swung the clubs! Its amazing how much these clubs improved my irons play. I highly recommend club masters. Very nice staff and excellent service and products.

Mike Farrell

Barry and Jay,

I couldn't wait to try my clubs, yesterday I went to my club where we have three simulators, we also had 6" of snow. I went through my bag and was very pleased with the results. Not only was I hitting it further the dispersion was alot more consistent. I am looking forward to getting on the course where I can realy see the results of your good work. I am comong back to FLA at the end of March and will stop by and give you an update on my progress.

David J Pomarico (Amos McCoy)


Just wanted to give an update on the driver that I picked up from you last week. I was smoking it, definitely picked up at least 30 yards! Its amazing what a great fitting will do for your game. The new UST VST shafts are unbelievable with there torque stability allowing a lower gram shaft! My playing partner Saturday thought the club was illegal! All the best!



Today I used the clubs that you made for me. NO SLICE. Not one slice all day. Even when I didn't have a good swing, no slice. I was able to draw it a little and when I didn't, I had a little fade, but no slice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I highly recomend you to all my friends.

Peter Julian

Jay, Barry and Jack

I can't thank you guys enough for changing the game of golf for me. The clubs you made for me are fantastic, I now know what it feels like to hit it pure. I was always struggling just to break 100 and the first time I used the clubs you made for me I shot a 91. That score could of even been in the 80's because I burned the edge of about 6 putts. You guys are absolutely the best at what you do!!!! Thanks Again.

Peter Julian JR